Try, try again.


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I said back in September how I had so much to catch up on, and that we’d catch up. Of course I had every intention of that happening and of course it didn’t happen. It only occurred to me once or twice between then and now, and honestly, I’ve been doing this on-and-off writing thing for enough years in a row that I know better than to needlessly guilt trip myself over it. Sure, I’d like to do better and commit more regularly, but I know that I also just need time to keep up before I get the chance to catch up. And that’s just the way it’s been going for a while now.

In the meantime, here are some things and thoughts:

This is Trump’s America now. Oh brother. I can’t even get into writing about this because there are far smarter people out there already writing about it and there’s also just SO MUCH WRITING you could read it’s completely overwhelming. Here’s David Remnick on Obama’s reckoning of the election’s results. Alec Baldin fires back at Trump on Twitter. Blogger/interior designer Emily Henderson bravely asks WHY did you vote for Trump? Toni Morrison on an artist’s task in troubled times. Lena Dunham emails with Zadie Smith on all the feels. And Alireza Niroomand’s instagram continues to make my brain and face and heart smile through it all.

Art makes everything, and makes it all better. The illustration above and more by a human being named Malin Rosenqvist who I have no idea about but whose drawings are colorful and vibrant and total eye-candy. It’s painting cats and dogs. Planning to see the sanctuary that is the Agnes Martin show at the Guggenheim this winter.

Take care, this Thanksgiving Day and everyday. At a time when work and relationships and projects and plans all function as individual jacks in the stress switchboard of my LIFE, it’s important to take care. My favorite creative woman in the world Garance Dore just launched a wellness section on her site, and I know she’s also working on a book too, and I am literally so excited for all the guru wisdom that’s to come. Apparently walking lifts your mood – good thing it’s my favorite thing to do in New York City. And this wellness encyclopedia is just totally fascinating.


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