Serendipitous Sightings #10


{photo: my own}

Lately, I’ve been making an effort to run or walk to the river at least once or twice a week – I’m not a very athletic person by nature, but, I love sitting next to the water, and I want to soak up every minute of this transition into autumn. In one season, it will be too cold to walk the 3 miles roundtrip, but at least I’ll be content knowing I LIVED IT UPPPP during the warmer months!

On this particular walk, I sat on a bench by the shore for a solid 30 minutes or so, and didn’t speak to a soul. Didn’t text anyone. Didn’t listen to any music. What I did do, though, was observe this cute couple that was clearly visiting the neighborhood for the first time – very casual yet fashionable, and well-equipped for their Brooklyn expedition with a selfie stick in hand.

After taking a few photos together, the guy stood up and climbed onto a nearby rock, reaching forward in a yoga-esque pose toward the tip of the Empire State Building, while the girl snapped a few shots of him. He lost his balance once and had to re-set the scene of himself – it was pretty funny to watch.

Then, it was the girl’s turn. She hopped up onto the same rock, with her Beats by Dre headphones in one hand. She adjusted the drawstring on her fancy sweatpants, making them look très chic, delicately placed the headphones on her head, and then snuck her hands in her pockets, staring off toward Manhattan with great deliberation. She stood there for a moment, and then glanced at her male counterpart, who was pointing at her leg. The auxiliary cord of her headphones was just hanging out there, unattached to anything. “Oops!” her face went, and she quickly hid it inside of her pocket and reassumed her contemplative position.

It was also pretty funny to watch.


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