Daydreams #3

I often daydream about living in Barcelona. Maybe part time, like having an apartment there or something like that, only because I can’t quite imagine not living in the city. But Barcelona is one of my favorite destinations in the world–it has the bustling energy of New York, mixed in with a chill-LA vibe, a Miami beach scene, and old world Paris feels, all while maintaining its own original personality and flavor. How great is that?


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Above, the neighborhood of l’Eixample, which is known for being “modern in the middle of the city”. Lots of upscale boutiques, art museums, and Passeig de Gràcia. So, lots of shopping, walking, and amusement.


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L’Eixample, again. I love the intricate detail on the buildings. My eyes could follow just one of those baroque lines for hours.


{image via}

And these tiles!!! My eyes could follow those for days, too. They are so colorful and beautiful. Hard not to love it.


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Above, the shore of La Barceloneta, which is the geographic equivalent of Coney Island or Long Beach, CA. Lots of beach-side tapas, sunbathing, and skateboarding. A bit edgy but relaxing.


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And then there’s El Born, probably my favorite neighborhood in the city. It’s a bit touristy, sure, but for good reason. Home to attractions like Museu Picasso, which I could literally spend hours upon hours in, and bordering the famous Parc de la Ciutadella-Princesa. It’s famous arc, shown below:


{image via}

I remember, in high school, I studied abroad in Barcelona for a month and spent many afternoons just sitting along the walls around the arc, people watching. In college, when I studied abroad again, I went back there for a weekend and did the same. Simple but so amusing and interesting!


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And for all it’s unabashedly touristy attractions, El Born also has really special nooks and niches. Like this entryway adorned with greenery.


{image via}

I think the most popular thing said about Barcelona, is the juxtaposition of medieval and modern architecture, of bourgeois and hipster, of land and sea.


{image via}

Here’s to daydreams and daydreaming…may they always be this magical. 

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