The Red List: Muses.

I recently discovered the completely absorbing world of The Red List. It is self-described as a destination that “offers total immersion in the world of visual arts so as to build bridges between historic and contemporary creativity.” What’s not to love about that?

The site’s content spans subjects such as fine arts, film, photography, graphic design, furniture design, architecture, set design, fashion, and, my current favorite tab: muses.

Organized by three themes–Icons, Lovers, Tribes–muses is a database of images that gives audiences an intimate look at our all-time-favorite creatives and historical occasions that comprise the phenomenons of American culture throughout the last dozen decades.


{David Bowie, 1980s/image via}


{Jimi Hendrix, live at Woodstock/image via}


{Bette Davis being a glamorous, devilish DOLL at Cannes, 1963/image via}

I know it’s so unoriginal, but I can’t help having such a fascination with these iconic individuals and legendary events. I frequently hear people of all ages and phases and trends lament that “the world wasn’t what it once used to be,” and I also can’t help but agree with them. I don’t think these famous faces from the past were doing anything particularly different than the famous faces of today – but you have to admit there’s something special about these photos, right? Maybe because they were at no point in time paraded on Instagram or tagged on the Vanity Fair website? Seems so predictably cliché to knock “technology” and “social media” for “ruining the world” – and I don’t mean to. I think in some senses these tools are powerful instruments that enable instantaneous connectivity, for better or for worse.

In any case, it’s so fun to now have access to special photos such as these. Although I don’t know him, I feel the need to extend a sincere thank-you to Romuald Leblond, the man behind the curation of many of The Red List’s collections. I often wonder who is behind big projects and undertakings such as this, and even though I have no idea who this man is, I’m grateful for his passion and patience in putting this database of images together.

Okay, one last one because it’s just TOO GOOD NOT TO:


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