I’ve talked before about my adoration for Miss Moss.  She’s seemingly such a lovely person, and a skilled curator of content.  Her slice of the internet is simply one of my all-time favorites. Her art section is my guilty pleasure when I need a break from my tepid work responsibilities. At 36 weeks pregnant, she was still blogging and discovering new artists to write about.  Her most recent find: the work of Kirsten Sims, who, it’s safe to say, I am now obsessed with. She’s an artist and illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa (the arts scene there keeps luring me to pack my bags and hop on a plan), and apparently just showed at this gallery called Salon Ninety One, which I am also now obsessed with.

The image above is one of Sims’ paintings, called Limoncello, which just put a smile on my face and makes me want to sip some poolside in the Mediterranean. A girl can dream…

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