Serendipitous Sightings #7


{HONY’s “today in microfashion“}

The other morning, I was on the train to work and witnessed such a precious moment.

A mother walked on with her daughter, who couldn’t have been any older than five years old. A seat opened up and they scurried towards it, the mom’s hand behind her daughter’s back, urging her to take it.

The girl hopped up, and her lilac rainboots hung over the edge of the seat. Contented, the two gazed on in separate directions, the mother observing whatever strangers caught her eye, and the daughter, staring up admiringly at her mom.

We hadn’t yet passed another stop before the little girl’s eyes started to wax and wane… And she ever so gently just leaned her head on the arm of the woman sitting next to her. An older lady, probably around her 60s, with thick reading glasses and layers upon layers of fleece zipped up around her neck, glanced down, surprised. She looked at the mother, who hadn’t seemed to notice at all. She looked back down at the child, then at her own lap. Then back at the child, and away again. And the third time she looked at the child, her lips pulled back into a quiet smile.

She looked down at her own lap again, still smiling. It was almost like she was honored that the little girl felt comfortable enough to so naturally lean over like that. It was adorable.

At the next stop, the mother tapped her little girl’s knee, gently waking her up. She gestured they were getting off, and the girl hopped down. The look on the old lady’s face was totally priceless–as if she already missed the little girl, and her head tenderly leaning on her arm. Her eyes followed the little girl’s glittery pink backpack, and her straight black hair bouncing with every little step of hers.

I just loved the whole interaction. Kids just do what feels right to them without thinking (let alone overthinking) once about it. It felt so natural to her to just lean her head against whoever was next to her, and she did just that. It was so cute, and warmed my heart so much. ❤

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