Serendipitous Sightings #6


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Yesterday, I got on the train after a long day at work. It was one of those days when I felt like I was going to collapse onto the floor (my job isn’t even brain surgery so that’s just SAD, you guys) or fall asleep before getting to my stop. I put my headphones on and Kendrick Lamar’s second album and closed my eyes.

Three stop later (I’ve ridden the same route on the same train for so many years now that I can tell by heart where I am and when without even opening my eyes, SCARY), the service cut out and my music stopped. I cracked my eyes open, my head still tilt back against the subway map behind me, and noticed right in front of me a college-aged girl with a fun tote bag that read GIRLS WHO CODE and had cute, colorful pins that said “Stop Police Violence” and “Human Rights Campaign”. She wore no make up, and the purple nail polish on her fingers was chipped.

She seemed so interesting to me. Young, an avid learner. A person who is aware of the world and unafraid to apply herself. And yet, just a girl in college.

One more stop later, she moved away from me and stood toward the middle of the car, right in front of the door. The automatic doors opened, and a tall young guy with light hair stepped onto the train and walked right toward her and she took a step forward and swung her arms right around his neck, and they kissed. They had clearly done this commute many times before, and knew exactly when to expect each other, at which stop, at which part of the platform, at which door. It amazed me.

I broke my gaze, not wanting to be rude or a full-on CREEP for watching them. The train pulled onward to the next stop. The man sitting across from me had also noticed them, and also looked away the same moment I did, also not wanting to look like a creep. We smiled at each other in a way that simultaneously said Wasn’t expecting that to happen! and But that was cute, and Welp, to be a kid again! all at the same time. I understood.

The train slowed down again, arriving at the following stop, and I got off.

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