Fall Diary / Russian Tea Room

Fall this year has definitely been out of the ordinary. It’s been unusually warm, which no one has been complaining about, and the leaves just started falling–and that was only because it was super windy this week.

Earlier this season, a group of lovely girls and I went to The Russian Tea Room. None of us had ever been before and it really lived up to its hype–actually, it surpassed it. The moment I walked through the revolving doors, I felt like Lucy passing through the wardrobe that led to Narnia. First of all, the whole place is. so. decadent! The colors are deeply rich, the lighting is so dramatic, and there is phenomenally beautiful artwork hung all throughout the main dining room.

We were ushered in by a beautiful young girl, and then a young Russian man with a sweet quiet smile pulled out a table from a booth, gesturing us to slide in. Once we were seated, he pushed the table back in and handed us menus that listed dozens and dozens of black teas, green teas, and herbal teas. And the dessert menu! We ordered their famous tea room blintzes (the cheese one was my favorite!) and the chocolate mi-cuit, which is a chocolate cake with a molten center and cherry ice cream, with a Grand Marnier cherry sauce drizzled on top. Seriously so deeply indulgent. 

So while we were enjoying our teas and desserts and stories, I couldn’t help but look around, absorb the regality, and gaze in complete wonderment at how overwhelmingly beautiful it all was. And as I was taking it all in, I suddenly had the clearest realization dawn on me: The Russian Tea Room is literally like being inside a Wes Anderson movie! And not like on the set–but in Anderson’s actual imagination. Take a look for yourself to see what I mean…


{the main dining room}


{the stairs leading up to the concierge of The Grand Budapest Hotel}


{the main lobby area of the hotel}

The Russian Tea Room is a complete joy and delight–if you haven’t been yet, do yourself a favor and go, order the Prince Vladimir tea, and have yourself a blintz! It’s such a completely captivating experience, I might make it a winter staple!

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