Fall Diary / Fall for Dance!

This fall, for the first time ever in my New York life, I had the pleasure of going to the Fall For Dance Festival at City Center. I had never been before, and I was so excited to experience this amazing event. Fall For Dance is an annual dance festival hosted by the theater, which brings together dozens of different companies and artists to showcase their work in New York City! This year marks the 12th season of the festival, and my friend was lucky enough to score tickets the night that the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater company was performing, and it’s been on my bucket list to see them before I even moved to NY.

My high school English teacher was a dancer in her youth, and loved loved loved Alvin Ailey. I remember she had one of those iconic posters hung in her classroom…


So it was completely surreal to me that nearly a decade after high school, life presented this incredible opportunity to see the company perform. And it. Was. ASTOUNDING.

Everything I had ever heard about Alvin Ailey lived up to its hype and more. It was one of the most FULL experiences I had ever, well, experienced–flavorful, impactful, powerful, soulful. The number the group performed was called “Four Corners,” and I managed to find a clip of the piece from a previous performance:


Incredible, moving, inspirational, I know I’m being so corny but I don’t care because it was so good! I left the theater completely impressed by their level of talent and ability to interconnect with each other and the audience in such a compelling way. To quote the master Alvin Ailey himself, “I believe that dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” I also left totally disappointed in myself as a human being–let me clarify before I seem too self-deprecating–as a healthy and (I hate this word) able-bodied human being, that performance made me realize the wonder that our bodies are capable of manifesting. And what a shame to not tap into that wonder! So basically I want to enroll in some dance classes and embrace all that. YOLO, amiright???

Also, one last parting gift: the main song in the number is called “Lamentations” by Carl Hancock Rux and it is deeply amazing. Have a whirl:


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