Summer Diary / Nitehawk Cinema


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Nitehawk Cinema was one of those places on my NYC bucket list that I hadn’t crossed off yet.

A few months ago, my friend and I went to go see Welcome To Me there, and I liked the experience so much I went back this weekend to see Lost in Translation.

Nitehawk is special for many reasons, most notable of which is probably because they “overturned the New York State liquor law that that made serving alcohol in motion picture theaters illegal.” And as if having a boozy beverage while you watch wasn’t fun enough, they also serve food throughout the movie! YOU GUYS. YOU CAN HAVE A BLOODY MARY AND BREAKFAST TACOS DURING THE PREVIEWS AND THEN AN ICED COFFEE AND NUTELLA CREPE DURING THE FEATURE PRESENTATION!!! How cool is that? And, as if things couldn’t get any better, they always offer a “Food & Drink Special” that’s inspired by one of the current films that’s showing as part of their Film Feasts series. When I went to see Welcome To Me, they had a “Meatloaf Cake” entree and “The Swanboat” cocktail! Hilarious.

The programming at Nitehawk is another reason why it’s so great. For example, for all of the month of September, they’re featuring films directed by female filmmakers in a series called SHE MADE IT. And they have additional programs as part of the Signature Series, such as Country Brunchin’ (country music + western classics), Nitehawk Naughties (down and dirty cinema at midnight), and Books and Booze (quarterly event that celebrates literary word translated to the big screen), among others.

Nitehawk…check! There are still a few more things I want to do and places I want to go in honor of my five-year anniversary with NYC, so I’ll have to extend my “Summer Diary” into the fall…which could actually be fun, because this city’s the kind of place that offers special experiences from season to season.

‘Til next time, homeslices.

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