hey there, homeslice / Introductions and Beginnings

Hey there, homeslice.

Welcome to this blog! Can I just begin by telling you about how awkward it is to write your first blog post? I feel so nervous that I’m sweating (or maybe that has something to do with the fact that the room I’m sitting in is literally 78 degrees). Really though, this is kind of a nerve-racking experience! This is my first post, something that I may potentially look back on 6 months or 7 years from now and cringe as I think to myself, what the hell was I saying? Why am I such a nerd? Hopefully by then I will be a classy, sophisticated, well-grounded, well-rounded woman in her thirties (I keep hearing your thirties are “the best,” so we’ll see what happens…), though I have a pretty good feeling I’ll still kind of be a nerd. I think I’m okay with that, though; at this point, I’ve accepted the fact that I’m a rather nerdy human being (think: Liz Lemon) and have actually come to embrace it as one of my core qualities (is that lame? Should I not be admitting that to the entire world right off the bat? Whatever, it’s the truth). In any case (I’m getting way off track here), this first-post business is tense stuff, or rather, having a blog in general. Mostly because literally everyone and their mother has one these days, and I feel a lot of feelings about that.

See, I started reading blogs back in 2007-08, when today’s top bloggers, like A Cup of Jo and Garance Dore, were still using Blogspot and Times New Roman (for the record: there is nothing wrong with Times New Roman. I love Times New Roman). But Instagram wasn’t really a thing yet (let alone syncing it with your site), and having a blog was more like an open diary someone had left at a coffee shop, not the multimedia “user-friendly” experiences that they are today. And don’t get me wrong, it’s been fascinating to watch the evolution of these blogs, from a “user” point of view. I have grown increasingly interested in the “blogosphere” (which is just a fancy pretentious word I learned that means “the blog world”) and also increasingly fond of the blogs that have really grown into their style, established their voices, explored new ideas, and shared the stories of their lives with readers for years. Really, when a blog is done well, it is such a wonderful thing. I have an immense sense of respect for these individuals and their sites, mostly because they are original, and in the creative world, originality is arguably the hardest thing to cultivate, and therefore (in my opinion) a crowning achievement. If you know anything about using computers and surfing the internet, you know that mediocre blogs are a dime a dozen. And yeah, I know this is a harsh judgment to have, especially from someone who has never been on the “author” side of the screen. But that’s precisely why I have resisted any past urges to create a “fuck yeah” tumblr or a knock-off Cupcakes and Cashmere site (not that either of those things were ever really projects I envisioned for myself) (but if I were to have a “fuck yeah” blog it would definitely be “fuck yeah pizza” or something like that). Blogs that are done well, I hold in the highest esteem, and I always thought that if it ever comes to me really starting one, I want it to be done well. Aside from this being a harsh judgment, I admit it is also a high standard to hold oneself to, especially when one is as inexperienced in the field as I am. So yeah, the point is: I’m nervous about this! But to be fair, I approach almost everything in my life with the attitude of “if you’re gonna do it, do it well, or don’t do it at all,” and I don’t see why my approach to this endeavor should be any different.

So to that end, I hope to harness this inexperience in a way that helps me learn how to create something worthwhile, both for me and for you. And if all else fails, hopefully we can just laugh about it?!

If I haven’t bored you yet and you’re still reading this, I thank you graciously! Thanks for so patiently indulging me in my first post, and I hope the ones that follow get better and better. Until then…

See ya later, homeslice.

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